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09 - Muhammad [SAW] : Hijra To Madina

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Finally now Rasullullah saw has a solid base to start spreading the message from with protection and propagate the message of allah swt. He did not just run and go and save himself to go and be the first person to migrate to madina but as a true leader saw made sure that the believers migrate before him and he secures the believers and the muslims entering madina and that’s when the prophet saw migrates after them, before the prophet saw started to make hijra, the people of Makkah started to plot against him, they came together and they started discussing how to deal with the Islamic problem, some of them suggested to throw Muhammad saw to jail, the response was no don’t do that, it’s not a good idea because if you throw him in jail, his followers will come and take him out, they’re going to revolt against us, so the second suggestion came in and that was to exile him, so they said no its not a good idea because his talking is sweet, so he’s going to deceive other people to believe in him and then they’re going to come back to you again so the third suggestion was that of obviously who else, abu jahl he said we should kill him and the way to do is to appoint a strong man from every clan, give him a sharp sword and have them all strike Muhammad at once so that his blood will disperse among the different clans of Makkah so the family of Rasullullah swill not be able to seek revenge then they will ask for blood money and we will be happy to pay them,

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