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Africa Progressing in Building Capacity

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African countries have made a lot of progress in building the capacity necessary to achieve structural transformation, even though there are still challenges to be faced, African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, President of ACBF, Emmanuel Nnadozie emphasized the need to continue the efforts in filling the skill gap in the continent.

ACBF, which was established in 1991 to build sustainable human and institutional capacity in support of Africa’s development, has done a lot of job in strengthening ministries of finance and central banks, he said.

He said “unfortunately the parliament and ministries of education, industry and trade still need strong support and capacity building to make them do their jobs properly.”

“African countries have made a lot of progress in building the capacity necessary to achieve the structural transformation and industrialization, but still there are a lot of challenges that are facing in terms of skills that are needed, in terms of the institutions that will be driving this development agenda,” Nnadozie pointed out.

Thus, he urged African countries to continue to work hard and double efforts in building the critical technical skills, strengthening key institutions of development including the private sector and civil society organizations to play their role.  

When countries build human resource it is important to make sure that they fully utilize it. He said “so, capacity retention is important but you must make sure you fully utilize the capacity.”

“So capacity retention and capacity utilization is as important as capacity building. So ACBF is at the forefront of pushing this agenda to ensure that the continent has the capacity to implement the first 10 years plan of agenda 2063 and to get the Africa we want,” the president elaborated.

According to him, those are the pivotal capacities that will help Africa to really join the digital revolution that is happening in the world.

Africa has to step up and focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, he stated, and stressed “especially, the technological dimension as the hope for the future is to pay attention for innovation in agriculture, industry, services, and governance”.

ACBF, which supports capacity development through investments, technical support, knowledge generation and sharing across Africa, helped countries to establish research institutions that help the nations’ capacity building efforts.

The Ethiopian Development and Research Institute (EDRI) is among such institutions that the Foundation helped to be established.

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