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Converting Islam by sheikh Muhammad al arifi

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Muhammad Al Arifi. Muhammad Al Arifi english .
Mohamad bin AbdelRahman al-Arefe (Arabic: محمد العريفي‎) (born 15 July 1970) is an Islamic theologian from Saudi Arabia. He is a professor at King Saud University and Imam of the Mosque of the King Fahd academy of the Saudi Navy.[citation needed] He was a student of Ibn Baz.
In June 2013 an article in the British newspaper The Independent said "He has in the past accused Shias of being responsible for kidnapping cooking and skinning children before placing their remains outside the family home for their parents to find and recently called for Muslim women to travel to Syria to offer their bodies to fighters seeking to overthrow Bashar al Assad's regime."[1]
His official web site said he rejects "right-wing media allegations that he may have contributed to the radicalization of three British born Muslims seen in a recently released video by ISIS." It quotes him as saying "I have a positive working relationship with many government institutions around the world including Saudi Arabia where I am a member of an academic body specializing in discrediting terrorist ideology. My position vis-à-vis ISIS is very clear as I am vehemently opposed to the brutal methods employed by many of their fighters and categorically condemn their extremism. I have personally published a number of academic works highlighting the numerous fallacies in their pernicious and divisive ideology."
Al Arifi, Muhammad | The Muslim 500. Video: Taqqiyya: Top Saudi Sheikh Mohamed Al-Arifi is ISIS. Saudi preacher denies supporting jihad in Syria. Britain bans controversial Saudi cleric al-Arifi.
Britain bans Saudi cleric Sheikh Mohammad al-Arifi . Shaikh Dr. Muhammad ibn Abdur Rahman Al-'Arifi. A Lesson From Sheikh Mohammad Al Arifi's. 'No life without jihad' - why the change of heart?

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